Academy of Practical
Special & Visual Effects

The applications of the Academy are various and versatile. From movies to museums and exhibitions, architectural solutions including Expo inaugurations, to educational and medical applications and many more.

The main goal of Animatika is to prepare the students and professionals in the computer graphic entertainment career by simulating a proper working environment to face with during each single lesson, aiming at enriching every student's show reel with exercises that become projects of great impact realized using special effects.

The influence and the mix of cinematographic and architectural techniques have offered the possibility to elaborate a successful workflow in many areas, from cinema to opera, from entertainment to events, so that it transmits to the students, not only the expertise in using the software, but also an improved work method gained by making each exercise a simulation of an actual on field situation.

Top Animatika degrees are Master in Computer Graphics and Master in the Integrated Special & Visual Effects. With those you can learn all the technics and confront a simulated workflow to become a fully-skilled Digital Artist and Integrated Effects Specialist for entertainment, architectural visualisation, film production, television and wherever the market demands new innovative technologies.