Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! PRODUC­TIONSmart Brands' main production facility is the renowned Cinecitta Studios, where Fellini was filming his world famous movies.
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! SFX / VFXSmart Brands is a true expert in the techniques of integrated special and visual effects that makes a difference!
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! Hyper-
The word “Hyperrealism” initially defines a painting genre based on the reproduction of a photography subject.
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! Anima­tionJust three years after its establishment, Smart Brands receives the award for “Studio of the Year 2008″.
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! AudioMost dynamic and important reality in the field of music for television and multimedia products operating in Italy and Europe.
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! Acade­myThe main goal of ANIMATIKA is to prepare the students and professionals in the computer graphic entertainment career.
Welcome to Smart Brands Universe! Innova­tionsOur R&D sector is involved in development of several know-how technologies to facilitate and make our everyday life more joyful and pleasant.

Our Vision

We are to share globally our unique technologies and creative know-how from film industry for versatile use in the real world!

Our Mission

Synergy of Versatility, Creativity & Innovation to boost and multiply the end result, delivering unique high quality experience!

Our Strategy

We reinforce Open Win-Win Approach by blending Smart Brands expertise with the professionalism of leading teams in order to create best possible solutions and meet new challenges in the Da Vinci style.

Viale Carso, 71
00195 ROME, Italy

I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly…

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci,
italian polymath, 1452 – 1519

Our principal business directions

  • Production Service for Film making & Animation
  • Visual Art Production
  • Music Copyrights, Post Audio, Soundtracks and Audio Special Effects
  • Academy of Integrated Special & Visual Effects “Animatika”
  • Innovations & Know-How Solutions

23–26 November 2015

Smart Brands Group & Valerio Mazzoli Studios will participate at The BIG 5 Dubai – the largest construction event in the Middle East.

Please come to visit our Stand B30 at Focus Hall in Dubai World Trade Centre!

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