Although very young, Smart Brands Group is already active in the cinematographic, television and web-series production panorama. Highly experienced in integrated SFX sectors, the production team is able to carry out constant research and develop new paths in fantasy, gothic and horror art films. “Fantasticherie” is the first steps for a Fantasy Art film (Cinéma d’Auteur).

Originated from recent video production innovations, it is now involved in developing projects like “The Seated Demon” movie and the “World makes Zombies” tv series and also has worked on the “Reveries of a Solitary Walker” movie, which will soon be published. The team working on this project is made up of professionals from different sectors of audio-visual production, from the project development to the set, in addition to post-production sectors, named before.

Smart Brands' main production facility is the renowned Cinecitta Studios, where Fellini was filming his world famous movies and the biggest film studio in Europe.

Coproducing in Italy with Smart Brands you can benefit from the cash rebate from 25% to 40%, as well as from other local financial incentives favorable for the film budget.