Visual Art

Research into new solutions is in constant technical development which allows us to navigate in the new world of polymers with polyurethanic, siliconic and epoxidic mixtures, with composite preparations and the most exclusive formulations, like a modern artisan of a “timeless art workshop”. We build your dreams.

The word “Hyperrealism” initially defines a painting genre starting in the late 60s in the United States, based on the reproduction of a photography subject. Named also Photorealism, or Radical Realism, Hyperrealism represents pictorially “photographed” reality, starting from this and going further than natural human visual perception.

Over the next decade, this art movement spread all over Europe and beyond until today, evolving especially in the Plastic Arts thanks to research into polymer, creating admirable works like the Australian artist Mueck.

Hyperrealism using anatomical pathological reconstruction needs to start from a precise and detailed scientific research that can only be later modified specifically for different uses. Museums and films are the main customer bases for set reconstructions of surgical, autopsy and mortuary operations for traditional costume anatomy lessons.

The handling of detail in the reproduction of fetuses, infants, operations and surgical preparations takes modern hyperrealism back to its ancient ancestor: Wax Modelling.