Integrated special and visual effects

The Smart Brand Group project is founded mainly on its activity in the development of the techniques of special and visual effects.

Based on the experience and creativity of Leonardo Cruciano Workshop, a hotbed of creations in the most varied Practical Effects and Special Make-up fields, the organization is enriched by associates and partners, specialized in different sectors of laser scanning, digital video takes of minisets and miniatures and the prototyping of minor patented projects of optic and eletronic physics, becoming one of the most interesting European Visual Effects sections lead by Wonderlab.

All this has meant the rapid development and registration of its first integrated special effects system named “LCW’s INTEGRATED SYSTEM”. This system does not need a separate green screen set for the action of characters and creatures and avoids having to recreate in CGI sections which over-emphasizes subjects and environments, making the images much more controllable by the director on pre-vis and on set. Productively and economically, an additional aspect of this is the limitation of scenography creation and post-production costs.

Smart Brands & Makinarium is currently involved in work on special & visual effects for two Hollywood blockbusters: the remake of the historical epic film “Ben-Hur” by MGM and upcoming sequel of the comedy “Zoolander 2” by VIACOM.

Makinarium is a new production center specialized in the development of physical and visual special effects integrated systems, operating in every field of visual illusion. It is a project lead by the most active and innovative artists and specialists coming from different sectors, such as visual perception, digital visual post production, 2D and 3D animation, Animatronics, mechanical effects, special make up and hyperrealism.